Continuing Creation happens when parts combine to make wholes, and then the wholes combine to make even “greater” Wholes.

Thus, over time, single-celled creatures combined to make multi-celled creatures. The wheel was invented, then the cart, the carriage, bicycle, and the automobile.  While the Book of Continuing Creation sometimes explores the difficult disciplines of physics and philosophy, the fact that simple parts can combine to make greater wholes is really all one needs to know to understand what we mean by “Continuing Creation: The Growing, Organizing, Direction of the Cosmos.” Synergy” is another name for the process of Creation by Combination.

Living things evolved the power to be Agents of Continuing Creation. Bees create hives, spiders create webs, birds create nests, and humans create carts, bicycles, space stations, and symphonies. I oppose “biblical creationism.” God does not design or direct any of this Creating.

— J.X. Mason. Look for me on the Web!