What Is Continuing Creation?

Continuing Creation is the set of linked processes that have created everything in the universe and are creating them still. Creation did not happen all at once, or during an early seven days. Creation has been continual since the Big Bang (Initial Singularity). It took off during the millions of years of Earthly biological evolution, and it is accelerating now in the tool-making minds and hands of humankind.

The most fundamental process of Continuing Creation is this: When a steady flow of energy encounters a receptive environment, it can weave patterns and create systems of increasing complexity.

We use the phrase “Growing, Organizing, Direction of the Cosmos,” because when there is a steady flow of energy from a star such as our Sun (or from a planet’s molten magma core), the processes of Continuing Creation produce growth in a direction of increasing organization and complexity.  It also often grows in the Direction of increasing Beauty.

Continuing Creation includes the processes of biological evolution, the processes of human electrical engineering, and many others. The direction toward complexity and beauty often includes greater diversity.  For example, the invention of different car motors (piston, rotary, hybrid, electric) means that motor technology has become more complex, more diverse, and more elegant.