I follow a Spiritual Program called Continuing Creation that is based on Nature, Reason, and Science, without any myths or miracle stories.  

Continuing Creation is made up of Interlocking Processes.  One of the most important Processes is Evolution.  What are Sub-Processes that comprise Evolution?  Well, below is a list (not in any particular order) of many of them. They all come from my free online Essay on Evolution.  

Continuing Creation    Evolution   Combination   Differentiation   Mutation   Selection    Adaptation   Replication   Reproduction   Exaptation   Natural selection   Group-selection
Synergy   Emergence   Connection   Agented Evolution   Guided Evolution   Trial and error
Variation-selection   Competition   Cooperation   Mutualism   Symbiosis   Parasitism  Triggered cascade   Chain reaction   Dispersal   Speciation   Co-evolution   Homeostasis  Niche-filling   Extinction   Creation   Death   Senescence   Divergent Evolution   Parallel-Evolution   Abiogenesis   Metabolism   Evolution in small steps   Adaptation  Elaboration  Specialization   Gene transfer   Echolocation   Mutualism   Adaptative radiation    Respiration   Digestion   Circulation   Oxidation   Branching   Photosynthesis   Capillary action  Conservation   Spiralization   Population sizing   Creative competition   Optimization  Positive feedback   Self-fulfilling prophesy   Diminishing returns   Runaway selection   Organization Self organization   Boundary-setting