Note:  Continuing Creation opposes “Creationism.”

Continuing Creation has been accused of being “a warmed-over re-hash of Pantheism.”

Is it?   No, it is not.

“Pantheism is the belief that reality, the universe, is itself a divinity, a supreme supernatural mind or being.  Thus, the universe itself is an immanent creator deity still expanding and creating, which has existed since the beginning of time.  All things, from sub-atomic particles to astronomical objects, all natural forces, and all knowledge and mathematics are seen as part of this sole deity.*

“Pantheism was popularized in Western culture as a theology and philosophy based on the work of the 17th-century philosopher Baruch Spinoza in his book Ethics. Ideas of pantheism exist in South and East Asian religions, notably Sikhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Taoism and in Islamic Sufism.*”

In contrast, the Book of Continuing Creation holds these tenets:

  1. There is no supernatural mind, being, or deity.

  2. There is an immanent Creator, but it is not a deity; it is a set of Interlocking Natural Processes.

  3. The immanent Creator, which we call Continuing Creation, is the interconnected sum of all the natural creative processes at work in the universe. These processes include nuclear fusion, photosynthesis, evolution, emergence, the wheel-and-axle, electricity, consciousness, communication, genetics, photography, cooperation, invention, the science of medicine, experimentation, and many others. Today’s internet processes could evolve to become a conscious, creating mind.   

  4. All things in the Universe are not part of the Process of Continuing Creation. For example, a child’s toy truck is not part of The Process of Continuing Creation.  It is one of the products of Continuing Creation. 
    — J.X. Mason, Blog Post of 9-6-22.  “Look For Me on the Web!”

                   *Definitions & descriptions are from the Wikipedia, “Pantheism.”