I think the Purpose of Life is to Create.  However, I attend a liberal Sunday Congregation (with many agnostic and atheist members) where the Purpose of Life is to Love Others.

For me, the Purpose of Life is to Create, and “to Create includes to Discover, Invent, Heal, Design, Engineer, Build, Communicate, Cooperate, Love, Restore, Learn, Teach, Raise Children, Appreciate Beauty, Seek Truth, Create Art, Protect the Vulnerable, Make Peace, and Sustain the Earth.”

As you can see in the list above, “to Love” is included as a way to create.  For example, Love creates and builds relationships — relationships with other people, other creatures, with Nature, professions, fields of study, sports, and the arts.

In the Congregation I attend, Love is principally aimed at other people.  Love of other species and love of Nature-in-general are “afterthoughts”.  And the Sunday sermons seem to be about sharing with other people the things we already have. There’s little praise for us Agents of “Nature’s Continuing Creation” — Inventors, builders, discoverers, artists, farmers, manufacturers, writers, healers, weavers, sailors, architects, programmers, cooks, engineers, and countless other constructive walks of life.

What do you think?  Is Life about Creating or Loving?  Where do you stand?  Which is more important, and why?

For additional background information, see my online Essay, “Love’s Role in Our Lives and Practice.”  It’s free and carries no advertising.