It’s unfortunate that Christians have laid claim to the phrases, “Creationism” and “Continuous Creation.” To them, the labels mean that God is actively causing and sustaining all the Creation happening all around us.

I don’t believe in God, but I do perceive Continuing Creation taking place all around me. I see it in Nature and in human works. I find meaning and purpose in the Processes of Continuing Creation that I see, hear, taste, and feel; whether by using my native senses or the instruments of science. There’s no need to imagine an immortal God that looks and talks like a human being.

Is there some creative force underlying all the Continuing Creation around me?  Now and/or before the Big Bang?  Or is there some “Ultimate State of Being” that we are headed toward?  I don’t know the answers to these questions.

But I find it more than sufficient to participate in and celebrate the Processes of Continuing Creation that I can perceive. These include the processes of cooperation, competition, illumination, induction, photosynthesis, respiration, construction, love, gravitation, transportation, absorption, electrification, reproduction, and hundreds of others. And we must not forget the important ongoing processes of evolution – cosmological, geological, biological, technological, and cultural evolution.