Evolution & The Constructal Law

The Process of Photosynthesis is Both a Product of Evolution and a Tool of further Evolution


The fundamental process of Nature’s Continuing Creation is this: When a steady flow-through of energy encounters a receptive environment, it can weave patterns and create systems of increasing complexity. Over time, the systems that survive may grow and elaborate themselves by means of the Processes of Evolution.  (See Duke University Professor Adrian Bejan’s Constructal Law.)

Within Continuing Natural Creation, the Science of Evolution is the most important of all the sciences.  Not because it is the most fundamental (physics and chemistry are more fundamental), but because humans so clearly experience and participate in Evolution — biological, cultural, and technological evolution. 

We define “Evolution” very broadly:  Evolution is any process or system (astrophysical, geological, biological, cultural, or technological) that combines parts to form new and different “wholes” that can survive effectively and efficiently in their environments.  Such wholes are significantly different from the sum of their parts. (For example, an ant colony is significantly different from a jar full of ants; a language is significantly different from a list of all its words.) 

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