Blog of September 6, 2018
— by J.X. Mason

Muslims pray five times every day.  Hasidic Jews keep dairy products and meat in separate refrigerators, and on Saturdays refrain from all work.  Most Amish Christians are forbidden to use tractors in their fields.

Are there any prescribed behaviors that Followers of Continuing Creation do every day?

Yes. Soon after getting up and getting dressed each morning, Followers of Continuous Creation open their window blinds and draperies to let in the sunlight of G>O>D>, the Growing> Organizing> Direction> of the Cosmos.  And when the weather is nice and neighborhood conditions are safe, we open our windows to let in G>O>D>’s fresh air.

Practitioners of Continuing Creation want to see the outdoors.  We may be fortunate enough to view a wide landscape or a lovely garden. Or, perhaps we see a neighborhood street, with its parade of walking pedestrians.

We are not like the many, many people (even among the well-to-do people) who live closeted in perpetual darkness, with their blinds constantly closed. Why do they do this?  Because they are paranoid about their “privacy.” But if they are fully clothed, keep an orderly house, and are doing normal activities, why should they care who might glance in as they pass by?  Give the passers-by a friendly wave of the hand!  People on the Path of Continuing Creation are not afraid of Life!

Of course, we apply this daily routine within the bounds of common sense. When the summer sun rises in the East, open only your west-facing blinds.  In the summer afternoon, close the western blinds and open the eastern.  In the winter, on the other hand, you might open all the blinds, welcoming the sun’s warming rays shining in.  (But watch out for color-fading caused by the sun.)

When flying insects are a concern, only open windows that are screened. If the day is humid (and the house has air conditioning), we would avoid opening any windows, although if possible all the windows of every home should be completely opened and the house “aired out” for a half-hour of so at least once each week. (Find the coolest time of day for the weekly airing out.)

For similar reasons, the free and enlightened women of Continuing Creation seldom wear a headscarf (called a hijab, al-amira, shayla, khimar, chador, etc. in various Muslim countries). Nor do women on the Path of G>O>D> wear a wig on top of their own hair, as Hasidic Jewish women must do when in public. We find those practices to be ridiculous. They are indications of fear – fear of “commandments” in some ancient “sacred” text; or fear that their menfolk are so misogynistic that they will “lose control” and harm the women – either with punishment or sexual aggression.

The Processes of G>O>D> created women, G>O>D created women’s hair, and G>O>D> created the sunshine and the wind. Clearly, women’s hair was evolved to feel the sun and the wind!  Of course, we should all adopt bare-headedness within reason: hats, turbans, and scarves may be warranted to protect against excessive sun and wind (and rain and snow).

— J.X. Mason, Sept. 6, 2018
The quotation, “Tear open the shutters and throw up the sash,” is from Clement Clarke Moore