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 for… Nature’s Path of Continuing Creation:
            Finding Life’s Purpose & Meaning — In Nature, Science, & History                 

  > Nature’s Path of Continuing Creation, opposes fundamentalist “creationism.”
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Part One: Intros and Guides

Essay 1 – The Principles We Hold True

There is no supernatural, Creator-God in original, core Buddhism. The Buddha was an historical man and a great spiritual teacher. The word “Buddha,” is a title meaning “Awakened One” or “Enlightened One.”  A shortcoming of Buddhism is its assertion that everyday world is an illusion.  

Essay 20 – Evaluating Jesus’ Teaching

Essay 22 Medieval Catholicism, then The Protestant Reformation

The Arabic word Islam means “submission” or “surrender.” Islam teaches that spiritual peace comes from accepting your place under the commanding mind of God. The Path of Nature’s Continuing Creation holds that submission to Allah (God) is a passive way to seek spiritual peace. Active participation in Nature’s Continuing Creation is the better way to seek Meaning, Purpose, and Fulfillment.  

Essay 26 – Radical Sharing & Universal Love Don’t Work

Jesus preached a gospel of Radical Sharing: “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.” (Matthew 19:21; Luke 18:22; and Mark 10:21) Our argument in this Essay is that Radical Sharing simply doesn’t work. Builders of Nature’s Continuing Creation find that the dominant direction of that Continuing Creation is not toward radical sharing and love, but toward creativity, construction, and complexity. 

In the Practice of Nature’s Continuing Creation, love means taking care of three things equally: (1) The processes of Continuing Creation, (2) the Earth and its biosphere, and (3) people in proportion to their degree of closeness to each of us.

Part Seven:  Suffering, Evil, and Death

Technology may change the minds and bodies of human beings over the next half-century. These technological avenues include treatment of disease, surgical repairs, artificial organs, and genetic engineering. We could even become “transhuman” cyborgs, of uploading our “personhoods” into computer simulations.

Or computers themselves may “wake up” and work against humans. In early 2023, advances such as “Chat-GPT” have suddenly revealed the immanence and power of Artificial Intelligence.

Essay 31 – Overpopulation Threatens Continuing Creation

By “Overpopulated,” we mean that the Earth does not have the resources to sustainably meet the desires of all its people. The solution can only consist of efficient & sustainable technologies, lower (different) expectations, and smaller populations.

Part Nine:  Life Guidance: Ethics, Virtues, and Fulfillment

Essay 32 Leading an Ethical, Moral Life

         We Participants in Nature’s Continuing Creation direct our moral/ethical behavior toward three overlapping realms of responsibility:
               — Toward People: Family, Friends, Neighbors, Tribe, Citizens, Humanity
               — Toward Earth and its Biosphere
               — Toward Nature’s Continuing Creation: The Growing, Organizing, Direction of the Cosmos

We must place increasing ethical emphasis on the Earth, because if we do not stop our depredation of the environment and its species, we are dooming the future of our own species on the planet.
s Essay provides lists of specific Ethical Precepts, and examples of what we mean by “Right Livelihoods.”

Essay 33 – Leading a Virtuous & Honorable Life

We list and explain specific Traditional Virtues, Personal Virtues, Military Virtues, and Virtues aimed at caring for the biosphere of Earth.

This Essay also includes our “
Eight Steps of Daily Growth,” which are:
1) Explore & Learn; 2) Think Positively, 3) Be Mindful, 4) Meditate, 5) Plan, 6) Take Action, 7) Review and Evaluate, and 8) Share goals, plans, and results with others.

Essay 34 – Leading a Fulfilled & Happy Life

The purpose of human lives is to contribute to Nature’s Path of Continuing Creation in ways which preserve and nurture both Earth and the human race. Living a Fulfilled & Happy Life is not possible without making our individual positive contributions to these three things: Humanity, Earth, and Nature’s Continuing Creation.

This Essay also provides four important Lists, each with concrete bullet points about how to achieve a Happy & Fulfilled Life:

A. Seven Elements of a Fulfilled and Happy Life
B. Seven Steps of Achievement & Growth
C. Daily Practices
D. Strategies for Life Reorganization, Reformation, Redirection & Renewal

Essay 35 – Meditations for Nature’s Human Co-Creators

Followers of Nature’s Continuing Creation don’t pray. Instead, we practice Meditations of Wholistic Apprehension. Meditation delivers balance and serenity in the midst of our constructive and creative lives. When we meditate, we never adopt an attitude of submission or supplication. Several of our meditations are fun: The “Washing Machine Meditation,” the “Tropical Fish Tank Meditation,” and the “Cloud Sculpting Meditation.”

Part Ten:  Celebrating Nature’s Continuing Creation