Photo: The close-up of broccoli florets illustrates the spiral growing pattern seen throughout Nature. Why the spiral? See our EssayMathematics and Continuing Creation.”

We follow Nature’s Continuing Creation because it arises out of Nature’s processes of physics, chemistry, and biology. 

Is Nature’s Path of Continuing Creation a “Spiritual Path”? The short answer is “No, Nature’s Continuing Creation is not a Supernatural Spiritual Path, but it is a Nature-and-Science-based Spiritual Path.” 

The word “spiritual” has different meanings for different people. Most people feel that the adjective “spiritual” only relates to things that are supernatural and incorporeal. These include phenomena that are part of conventional religions — God, saints, ghosts, angels, religious rituals like the Holy Eucharist, the singing traditions of African Americans, and the faiths of religious people everywhere.

Many of the same people would also apply “spiritual” to less conventional, but still supernatural, things such as — New Age “crystal power,” vortices, and the esoteric occult. That is how the Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines “spiritual,” and how Wikipedia describes it in their article, “Spirituality.”


We Refer to Our Spirituality, as Participants in Nature’s Continuing Creation, as:

> Nature-and-Science-based Spirituality, 
> Nature-and-Science centered Wholism
> Finding Life’s Purpose & Meaning in Nature, Science, & History

Nature-and-Science Centered Wholism (i.e., Nature-centered Comprehension)

Your author, J.X. Mason, defines Nature-and-Science centered Wholism as the positive comprehension that all things (all natural processes, forces, matter, energy and living things) are interconnected.  It is a deep cognizance of the Wholeand an appreciation of its pattern, interdependence, creativity, and beauty. It comes from the realization that “The Whole Is Often Greater than the Sum of its Parts.”


“Wholistic Comprehension,” in General, is Hardly New

Two of the World’s oldest and most widely followed traditions, Taoism and Buddhism, did not begin as religions and they worshiped no God. Yet they were and still are Wholistic Comprehensions.  We devote an entire Essay to Each of them. The Essay Evaluating Taoism and Zen and the Essay Evaluating Buddhism have been posted up to our ContinuingCreation website.


How Can Our Spirituality Be “Science-based?” 

It’s easy to understand how spirituality can be Nature-based. But how can it also be Science-based?  First, we simply understand that Nature encompasses Science!  Next, let’s say you have a favorite tree, one that you love looking at, one that connects you to Nature’s Continuing Creation. If you also have a knowledge of photosynthesis, and of the tree’s function in its ecosystem, that knowledge of science will greatly increase the feelings of awe and connectedness that you experience when you look at that tree.