The Origins of the Christmas Tree

“Martin Luther gets the credit for incorporating the Christmas tree into our seasonal celebrations. Although the Romans decorated trees for various festivals – such as the May Pole, it is pretty clear that our decoration of fir trees derives from Teutonic and Scandinavian religious rites, in honor of Odin, for example. Luther didn’t seem too troubled by this association. He is attributed with the idea of decorating outdoor trees with candles in honor of Christmas. German immigrants to America brought the practice, identified as early as 1820. When England’s Queen Victoria married Albert, a German, the English brought fir trees indoors. The symbolic value of a fir tree is that it is evergreen – or ‘ever alive,’ through a time of year when other plants are dead or dormant.”  At its root, the Christmas Tree celebrates the Winter Solstice, the day of the year with the least sunlight, foretelling the return of Spring. — Written by Laura Emerson; quoted here by J.X. Mason, writing at




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