Nature Creates Patterns

Nature’s Continuing Creation tends to create patterns of increasing complexity, organization, and even beauty over time. Patterns will continue to be created as long as there is an open flow-through of energy, and a suitable environment of component parts and symbols. Patterns occur everywhere in Nature, and they include cracks, spots, stripes, branches, tilings (a.k.a. tessellations), bubbles, foams, waves and dunes, meanders, spirals, fractals, Widmanstatten Patterns (a.k.a. Thomson Structures), spots, stripes, webs, and symmetries. There is an excellent article on Wikipedia called Patterns in Nature which explains how these natural patters arise and provides wonderful photographs of them.  A Google search on Pattern Formation Books yields more than 40 book titles, including Structure Formation in Astrophysics; Weak Chaos and Quasi-Regular Patterns; Pattern Recognition; Pattern Formation; Patterns that Explain the Universe; A Pattern Language; and Understanding Patterns. 

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