Image Above: The James Webb Space Telescope

Nature Continues to Create Complex Systems 

> The most fundamental process of Nature’s Continuing Creation is this:  When a steady flow of energy encounters a receptive environment, it can weave patterns and systems of increasing Complexity.

> When sunlight strikes the geology and chemistry of Earth, Nature evolves and sustains the complex patterns & systems of living things.
> When engineers design and build new generations of Wind Farms, Nature evolves and sustains the complex patterns & systems of invented technologies. 

Complex Systems are the full flowering of Nature’s Continuing Creation here on Earth. Complex systems include crystalizing minerals, simmering water, tornadoes, a one-celled bacterium, bird flocks in flight, human bodies, the brain, bicycles with riders, money, governments, ecologies, religions, bodies of law, steel mills, computers, music, the Path of Nature’s Continuing Creation itself and the entire evolving universe it continues to create.  See our free, ad-less, online Essay, Complexity and Continuing Creation.”