J.X. Mason’s Blog of 1-11-22 

I try to lead a “Purpose Driven Life,” even though I haven’t read the book of that name written by Rick Warren in 2002. 

My purpose-driven life inspires and directs me to help other people, plants, animals, and Gaia (i.e., Earth’s Ecosystems).

In twelve-step programs, each person finds a “Higher Power,” and for most people this is some conception of God.  But I feel that my Higher Purpose is in fact my Higher Power.  In this, I am in tune with Existentialism, which teaches that each of us must live life even if we are unsure of the meaning of life. The existentialist saying for this idea is “Existence Before Essence.”

I have thought and written a lot about my Higher Power. For me, it is Continuing Creation: The Growing> Organizing> Direction> of the Cosmos.  The acronym for that is G>O>D>.  But G>O>D> is itself the entire collection of Natural Processes we see at work all around us.

These natural processes include all the events and interactions described by physics, geology, chemistry and biology. And they include the key processes of synergy, emergence, and evolution

Like all humans, I myself – both body and mind — am an evolved product of these processes. Humans have the ability to act as Agents of Continuing Creation.  Thus, over the thousands of years of human history, we have created languages, structures, art, music and a growing body of scientific knowledge and engineering technique.  

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