Michael Dowd’s “Eco-Credo”

Here is a quick-but-deep theology that I admire:

Reverend Michael Dowd’s Eco-Credo*:

“Your God is whatever you put your faith or trust in – i.e., your ultimate concern.”  Paul Tillich, Christian Existentialist Theologian. (1886-1965)

  • Reality is My God
  • Evidence is My Scripture
  • The Epic of Evolution is My Creation Story
  • Ecology Is My Theology
  • Integrity Is MY Spiritual Path
  • Fostering Fidelity to Our Future Is Our Mission*
         (* Michael Dowd is the author of the 2008 book, Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Evolution Will Transform Your Life and Our World.)   

I discuss Rev. Dowd’s ideas in my free, online book, at www.ContinuingCreation.org.  — J.X. Mason

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