—  J.X. Mason’s Blog Post of 11-15-2021
—   Author of ContinuingCreation.org: A Spiritual Path Based on Nature, Reason, & Science

“Aum” – the single word “Aum,” or “Om” is from ancient Sanskrit.  It is a widely used mantra in Hinduism (where it means “Ultimate Reality”), in Buddhism, and in modern Transcendental Meditation. Aum is regarded as the most basic and universal of all spoken sounds, and it produces a reverberation in the body which helps the body and mind to be calm. However, the English word “Calm,” when repeated as a mantra, can pretty much do the same thing.

For people active in ContinuingCreation, however, becoming calm is just the first step in our meditation practice (and a foundation stone of our lives). For us, mantras that are more active and complete are listed below. In considering these mantras, please bear in mind the many different things we mean by the word Creation: love, evolve, connect, build, help, design, explore, discover, learn, grow, cultivate, teach, erect, invent, improve, mend, rehabilitate, repair, renew, reform, write, paint, perform, weave, sculpt, heal, help, enrich relationships… and more.

In our recent full-length Essay, Meditations for Co-Creators, we suggested a mantra that is particularly well-suited for active Participants in Continuing Creation. Here it is in three versions — long, medium, and short:

May I Find the Flow of Continuing Creation
May I Follow the Flow of Continuing Creation
May I Further the Flow of Continuing Creation

Find the Flow of Continuing Creation
Follow the Flow of Continuing Creation
Further the Flow of Continuing Creation

Find the Flow, Follow the Flow, Further the Flow

More Matras for Active, Creative People

Of course, choosing a mantra is a very personal thing. Below are some additional mantra suggestions:

Calm, Create, Share

Be, Do, Share

Do as I Would Be, and So Shall I Become  [ i.e., Become Good by Doing Good.]

Learn, Apply, Create

Rest and Dream, Waken and Create

Find the Flow, Sail the Flow, Channel the Flow

Seek, Discover, Create

Greater than My Parts; Part of Greater Wholes

May I walk in Beauty

Live in the Now, Create for the Future

Do the Next Right Thing