— A Blog Post by J.X. Mason, 12-29-17
— J.X. Mason is the author of The Book of Continuing Creation

Remarks on “Going with the Flow of Continuing Creation”

In the PBS mini-series Wolf Hall, Thomas Cromwell (played by Mark Rylance) is fearful of what might happen to his son Gregory in the young man’s very first joust, which, by luck of the draw, will be against King Henry VIII.  The year is 1534, and Henry, at forty-three, is fit and experienced.  As Gregory is buckled into his new armor, Cromwell gives his son this advice:

“I once met an old knight in Venice —
One of these men who made a career of riding to tournaments all over Europe.
He said the secret to jousting was to sit easily in your saddle.
As you are going up, take some air.
Carry your lance loose until the very last moment.
And above all else….  defeat your instincts to survive.”