Is There a Calling that’s Higher than “Love All Humans”?

Christianity says that the highest calling for human beings is to love and help all other human beings.

Today, however, The Book of Continuing Creation tells us that a higher calling is to love and help Earth’s biosphere.

This moral re-ordering has happened because human beings are now so numerous and so polluting that they threaten Earth with disastrous climate change.
Our industrial carbon emissions are raising temperatures to levels that threaten the existence of species and entire ecosystems.

Still, when the chips are down, human beings have the right to defend themselves against other species.  We fight deadly microbes and viruses all the time.  In the future, we may have to fight against the robots we ourselves have created.  Also, humans have a natural and admirable empathy for the plight of other humans.

Perhaps the best we can hope for is a morality that favors the environment and humanity equally.  Fortunately, our race requires the well-being of a healthy biosphere.  So if we have any sense, we will work on saving the biosphere and not just ourselves.

But wait… aren’t we also called to constructively participate in Continuing Creation itself?  Indeed, we are.  Continuing Creation – the Growing> Organizing> Direction of the Cosmos – powers the forward evolution of both the biosphere and humanity.   

So, pilgrims on the Path of Continuing Creation (the Growing, Organizing, Direction) have a three-fold “Triangle” of moral purpose: we direct our lives to benefit Continuing Creation, the Biosphere, and Humanity.  When we can’t benefit all three sides at the same time, we try to find ways to help two sides of the Triangle without harming the third side very much.  

For more on the new morality of Continuing Creation, see our Essays, Overpopulation Threatens Continuing Creation, and Leading a Moral Life. These two Essays (and others) are available free to the public at

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