A new Essay has been posted to the Continuing Creation Website:  Dealing with Death on Our Path of Creating

Every religion and every spiritual path provides a way for followers to deal with death – the death of loved ones, and our own eventual deaths.

While the Old Religions deal with Death by creating myths of heaven and reincarnation, the Spiritual Path of Continuing Creation does it by rationally explaining how death actually makes life possible, and even makes life more fulfilling.

Moreover, individual death makes it possible for genes to mutate and evolve new creatures who can try themselves out on Earth.

To Deal with Death rationally, we must understand the following things:

1. Our imaginary “afterlives” would not be particularly enjoyable;
2. The dead have no consciousness after death;
3. Life goes on for others after we die, as does the process of Life;
4. Life depends on, and is interwoven with, death;
5. Humans are not more sacred than other creatures;
6. We should make the most out of this life while we can.
7. Death itself is not painful or evil; but the process of dying can be.
8. By leaving a legacy, we each achieve a kind of immortality;
9. Technology will reduce aging and lengthen lives; and
10.Understand both the opportunities and the dangers of Transhumanism.

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