— A Blog Post by J.X. Mason
       — J.X. Mason is the author of The Book of Continuing Creation

A recovered alcoholic named Wayne M. wrote a short statement that was published in 2014 by AA Agnostica – a world-wide organization of atheists, agnostics, and free-thinkers who are also members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Let me quote a few lines from Wayne M’s piece and then comment about how it relates to our own Practice of Continuing Creation: A Spiritual Path Based on Nature, Reason, & Science.

“Many people have asked how I as an agnostic can stay sober in AA even though I reject one of the fundamental premises of AA, that being a required belief in God or a Higher Power.

“To put it simply, my sobriety depends not upon a “Higher Power” but instead is based upon a “Higher Purpose”…

My Higher Purpose is… simply to be there and to share the experience of being human with other people. Even if I can’t do anything to help, I need to be there if someone needs me…

“I believe we can’t think our way into good behavior, but we can behave our way into good thinking.

 “What is good behavior? It is doing the next right thing regardless of what I may feel like…”

Followers of Continuing Creation have both a Higher Power and a Higher Purpose:

On the Path of Continuing Creation, Our Higher Power has many names, including Continuing Creation, the Growing, Organizing, Direction of the Cosmos, Nature, the Universe, Gaia, the Sum of All Processes, and the Whole of All Wholes.

On the Path of Continuing Creation, Our Higher Purpose is to Create, Build, Explore, Discover, Learn, Cooperate, and to Protect Earth’s Ecosystem.  Love is the strongest, most intense, form of Cooperation.  We positively participate in the ongoing creativity of the universe.  

Our Higher Purpose grows and evolves naturally out of our Higher Power. They are intertwined.  Neither could exist without the other.

(For more on this topic, see our Essay, Introduction to the Book of Continuing Creation, which is free to read on our website.)

Note:  Interested readers can find the full text of Wayne M’s two-page statement online. Just click here: A Higher Power? How About a Higher Purpose?  AA Agnostica also has the statement available as a free PDF file at that same web address.