Some of the Heroines and Heroes of Continuing Creation:

…(listed in no particular order)

Frank Lloyd Wright – American Architect
Susan B. Anthony – Crusader for Womens’ Right to Vote
Ralph Waldo Emerson – Unitarian Minister and Transcendentalist
Harriet Tubman – Heroic “Conductor” on the Underground Railroad
Thomas Edison – Inventor of the Electric Light and Phonograph
Charles Darwin – Discoverer of the Process of Biological Evolution
Dr. Jonas Salk – Inventor of the Polio Vaccine
Florence Nightingale – Crusading Pioneer of Modern Nursing.
Elon Musk – Innovative Manufacturer of Electric Vehicles
Dorthea Dix – Leader of the Prison Reform Movement in America
Bill Gates – Pioneer Maker of Personal Computers
Greta Thunberg – Crusader to Save Earth’s Climate from Global Warming
John Dewey — Innovative American Educator (“Learn by Doing”)

What do these people have in common?
<  They all made important practical improvements in science, engineering, or social justice.
<  Many of them were Unitarians.
<  Many of them are mentioned somewhere in our book, The Path of Continuing Creation