Heaven Would Get Boring

“Why would I want to go to Heaven?  None of my friends will be there.”
— Mark Twain

In addition to the big problem Mark Twain has just pointed out, Heaven as it’s usually pictured would get pretty boring.  It would be an endless circle of sameness, without challenge, without danger. No more learning or teaching, because everyone (including you) already knows everything. No more creating, because Creation (including you and everyone around you) is already perfect. Even 72 virgins can get humdrum, what with the constant harp music, praise-singing and all.

Nirvana Would Be Even More Boring

“Eternity is an awfully long time… especially toward the end.”
— Woody Allen

Merging with the Godhead or attaining Nirvana – maybe even more boring.  Like in Heaven, “in” Nirvana there is no sin, no striving, struggle or quest, discovery, invention or adventure. But unlike being in Heaven, when you are merged with the Godhead, you have no human body, because you don’t need one. So you can’t even experience eating, walking in the woods, or sex with any of the 72 virgins that martyrs get in Islamic Heaven.

In Sanskrit, the word “nirvana” means “blowing out,” “extinguishing,” or “quenching.”  What is blown out?  All differences and all distinctions; and therefore all dissatisfaction, striving, and suffering.

Since both Heaven and Nirvana are eternal perfection, there would never even be any change.  Therefore, no past and no future. You would attain what Deepak Chopra thinks is the cat’s meow: “eternally living in the now” (if such a thing is not a contradiction in terms!)  But think about it.  If you can’t remember your past, nor imagine your future, if everything is One, then there is no “you.” You can’t have a self-identity unless you have a memory of your past.

Can there even be good without bad for contrast?  Can pleasure exist without pain?  Can black be perceived without white?  (See our Essa, Pattern, Information, and Continuing Creation. pain?

And consider this:  If you merge with the Godhead, you would then see and know everything that God sees and knows. If so, you would see that all the environmental destruction, all the warfare, all the human sadism and child abuse “down below” in the world. Would you (and God) conclude those are all okay, because they are all part of the OneThe Book of G>O>D> says, No Way!

Followers of G>O>D do not seek to “merge with the Godhead,” unless it is for a short half-hour of daily meditation, whose purpose is to re-charge our human bodies and energies so we can resume the work of Continuing Creation — now, tomorrow, next year, and next decade — here on this Earth.