When an artist paints a picture, or a mason builds a wall, those things are their creations. Thomas Edison (with contributions from other inventors) created the electric light bulb.  Most human creations build on earlier creations (the car builds on invention of the wheel).  This process is called evolution — in this case, technological evolution.

When a farmer plants, cultivates, and harvests a crop, that’s a creation of both the Farmer and Nature.

Religious fundamentalists who believe in a Biblical God would say that all such products, and the also the people who produced them, are creations of God.

Practitioners of Continuing Creation hold that biological species are creations of evolution; and that the process of evolution is itself a creation of physical, geological, and chemical processes here on Earth.

Matter is convertible into energy and vice versa ( E=mc2 ).  Energy and matter are never created nor destroyed, but they can be changed into each other. Matter and energy can also change their forms.  For example, the potential energy of water in a damned-up high lake can change into electric energy when humans direct a fall of that lake water through an electric dynamo placed in the bottom of the dam.

The chemical elements in our human bodies (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and the rest) were created in stars.  But the pattern, the organization, and the complexity of our human bodies were not created in the stars, but rather here on Earth by the processes of Nature.  

Over the past forty years, humans have created machines that can think and communicate with each other.  In doing so, we humans have acted as Agents of Continuing Creation.

Religious fundamentalists believe that Creation happened only once, as written in the Bible. They also believe that the first two humans, Adam and Eve, were created-in-full by God only a few days after God created the Heavens and the Earth.

Practitioners of Continuing Creation hold that the first humans were not created all at once by the fictional, supernatural character “God,” but by the long process of Earthly evolution over roughly 13.8 billion years. In other words, by the Natural Processes of Continuing Creation.

— J.X. Mason, 2-28-23