May 11, 2019

I have uploaded a new Essay to The Book of Continuing Creation:  A Spiritual Path Based on Nature, Reason, and Science (and without any myths or miracles). 

The new Essay is titled,

“Leading a Fulfilled and Happy Life.”  

Here is an excerpt:

“This Essay tells how people can lead Fulfilled and Happy lives by following the Spiritual Path of G>O>D>: The Growing> Organizing> Direction> of the Cosmos.  Every year, popular new self-help books come out selling some easy-fix way to reach personal fulfillment.  Unlike these books, we will not over simplify the process of personal growth. 

Since the Book of Continuing Creation is based on Nature, Reason, and Science, our advice about conducting a Fulfilled Life will be consistent with those three things.  Therefore, readers will see that much of our advice in this Essay follows common sense and common knowledge – neither of which is easy to practice.”   We even have a section called, “What To Do When Things Go Wrong.”

             — A Spiritual Path Based on Nature, Reason, & Science
                    — by J.X. Mason