NOTE:  I am opposed to religious, biblical, “creationism.”

All natural creation, past and present, requires a flow-through of energy: heat, sunlight, kinetic, electric, nuclear, gravitational.     

All past and current Creation happens through the interlocking Principles and Processes that make up the Growing, Organizing, Direction of the Cosmos, including: energy throughput, differentiation-through-combination, complexity, emergence, EVOLUTION, natural selection, phase change, feedback loops, catalysis, emergence, change-through-error, chain reactions, and far-from-equilibrium systems

For humans, current Continuing Creation includes wondering, reflecting, questioning, thinking, researching, exploring, discovering, learning, planning, inventing, designing, building, writing, composing, organizing, improving, weaving, teaching, communicating, growing, reproducing, inspiring, caring, and loving.

      — J.X. Mason