Note:  J.X. Mason’s Book of Continuing Creation opposes biblical creationism.

I think that God almost surely does not exist.  But let’s say, for the moment, that a Creator-God, does exist.  How would He-She-It have accomplished Creation?  

The evidence for Evolution is massive and incontrovertible:  Fossil, genetic, and radiocarbon dating evidence.

Life arose from processes of energy flow, complexity, and evolution. Life most likely arose from those processes acting all by themselves.  But if a Creator exists, that Creator would have used those processes to create life. That means life on Earth was created over 3.7 billion years, not within one week.  

Such a Creator would have started out with the Big Bang (“Initial Singularity”), and then quicky created space-time, matter-energy, and the grand unified force (consisting of the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, the electromagnetic force, and probably also the force of gravity). Of course, I think it is way more likely that those things came from a prior universe, or from a parallel universe, than from an anthropomorphic super-person sort of God who resides in heaven. 

NASA astronomers tell us there are as many as six billion Earth-like planets (and moons) in our Milky Way Galaxy. The geothermal and solar energy-flows on many of those planets and moons will have caused life to arise there.

Since I don’t know what, where, or how the Big Bang originated, I look for my Life’s Meaning and Purpose in things I can perceive, or which have left records that I can perceive.

I perceive, understand, and appreciate the Processes of Continuing Creation: The Growing, Organizing, Direction of the Cosmos.  I describe those Processes in The Book of Continuing Creation.

It is vital to understand that those Processes of Creation are Continuing, they are on-going, as we speak!

Your own faith or philosophy may be different from mine. Are you satisfied with it?  If it keeps you honest, peaceable, kind, and useful; and if it inspires you to care for the Earth, then keep it. Life can be hard, and everyone needs a sustaining and constructive Path that works for them.

The Book of Continuing Creation is based on Nature, Reason, & Science.

   — J.X. Mason, 9-27-22