I have a loving family and close friends.  I don’t need a supernatural savior.

I can see tree leaves glowing gold when they are backlit by the sun.  I can hear happy babies laugh.  I don’t need to see someone being raised from the dead, or watch a man walk on water.

I once made solid loans to companies that used the money constructively.  I raised children successfully.  I enjoy gardening and writing.  I don’t need to merge my mind with Brahman.

Astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson teaches me that the chemical composition of my body is nearly the same as the chemical composition of the universe.  I don’t need to let my forelocks dangle down the sides of my head, nor pray five times a day.

Constructive Living is My Spiritual Path.

  —   J.X. Mason, 11-28-22