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Song of the Open Road

An Anthem for the Path of Continuing Creation What is the Path of Continuing Creation? What is the positive, creative, life that it calls us to? Our Book  of Continuing Creation describes our spiritual path With Essays  on evolution, world religions,  philosophy, and even mathematics. But no one described our Way better than America’s great […]

What ARE the “Processes of G>O>D>?”

Important antecedents ti The Book of G>O>D> are “Process Theology” and “Process Philosophy,” which we discuss in an Essay called “Forerunners to This Book.”   But Process theologians and philosophers never talk much about what those Processes are.   We address that question throughout the Book of  Continuing Creation.  This Blog Post gives the reader a quick list of those Processes of Continuing Creation.

Is God Love? Is G>O>D> Love?

Many people say that “God is Love.” We examine this idea and show that is not true. Love has a evolved as a form of cooperation, allowing human couples to care for each other and their children across the long years of childhood immaturity. But God (or as we re-define it, G>O>D>) also includes competition and conflict. Evolution — biololgic, cultural, and technological — is propelled as much by competition as it is by cooperation. G>O>D> includes both.

What Virtue Opposes the Vice of Envy?

Envy, one of the Seven Deadly Vices, is the desire for another person’s traits, status, wealth, abilities, or situation. “Jealousy,” which is akin to Envy, was called “the green-ey’d monster” by Shakespeare (Othello, Act 3, scene 3) Of course, we are all aware of the good fortune of others. This fortune can be physical health, […]

Hitchens Swings… and Strikes Out

Answering the Question — “What is the Purpose of Life?”

We Posted A New Essay — on Fulfillment

May 11, 2019 I have uploaded a new Essay to The Book of Continuing Creation:  A Spiritual Path Based on Nature, Reason, and Science (and without any myths or miracles).  The new Essay is titled, “Leading a Fulfilled and Happy Life.”   Here is an excerpt: “This Essay tells how people can lead Fulfilled and Happy […]

Mother Nature’s Easter

The best thing to do with Easter is what we do with Christmas: we look at it through the lens of Earth-centered Spirituality. For Easter, Mother Nature gives us bunnies and eggs — symbolizing the Earth’s rebirth at Springtime.  For Christmas, Mother Nature gives us trees that remain green all winter, which we cover in […]

How to Deal with Death

A new Essay has been posted to the Continuing Creation Website:  “How to Deal with Death on the Path of G>O>D>.” Every religion and every spiritual path provides a way for followers to deal with death – the death of loved ones, and our own eventual deaths. While the Old Religions deal with Death by creating […]

Open the Shutters & Throw Up the Sash

Blog of September 6, 2018 — by J.X. Mason Muslims pray five times every day.  Hasidic Jews keep dairy products and meat in separate refrigerators, and on Saturdays refrain from all work.  Most Amish Christians are forbidden to use tractors in their fields. Are there any prescribed behaviors that Followers of Continuing Creation do every […]

Heaven and Nirvana Don’t Make Any Sense

Heaven Would Get Boring “Why would I want to go to Heaven?  None of my friends will be there.” — Mark Twain In addition to the big problem Mark Twain has just pointed out, Heaven as it’s usually pictured would get pretty boring.  It would be an endless circle of sameness, without challenge, without danger. […]

Is There a Calling Higher than “Love All Humans”?

Is There a Calling Higher than “Love All Humans”? Christianity says that the highest calling for human beings is to love and help all other human beings. Today, however, The Book of Continuing Creation tells us that a higher calling is to love and help Earth’s biosphere. This moral re-ordering has happened because human beings […]

Strength Comes from The Processes of G>O>D>

  Real strength must be effective strength.  It comes from the Flow of G>O>D>, which courses between the banks of the impossible. “A strong man acts within that which constrains him.”         — Thomas Cromwell, (played by Mark Rylance), advises King Henry VIII                   — In the […]