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The Washing Machine Meditation

– J.X. Mason’s Blog of 10-15-21– J.X. Mason is the author of Lovely Everyday Meditations Some years ago, I attended meditation sessions at the Houston Zen Center which were led by an experienced Soto Zen Monk. She instructed us to sit facing a patch of interior wall about 18 inches from our faces. The […]

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Continuing Creation vs. Creationism

—  J.X. Mason’s Blog of 10-3-21 — J.X. Mason is the author of Question:  What’s the difference between Continuing Creation and Creationism? Continuing Creation: The Growing> Organizing> Direction of the Cosmos is about the continuing creative power of evolution. Its processes started billions of years ago at the time of the Big Bang. Fundamentalist, […]

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What Is Spirituality?

—  J.X. Mason’s Blog of 7-6-2020.  To sign up for Our Weekly Blogs, go toSubscribe       — J.X. Mason is the Author of the Book of Continuing Creation Our Book of Continuing Creation describes a “Spiritual Path Based on Nature, Reason, & Science.” But what is “Spirituality?” Spirituality is the human experience of […]

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