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Pros & Cons of Taoism & Zen

I have written evaluations of several of the World’s great religions, and I plan to write about more of them.  In the evaluations, I try to list the Strengths & Shortcomings of each religion.  (Presently, I am at work on an evaluation of Buddhism.) Below are excerpts from my Essay, Evaluating Taoism and Zen — […]

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Earth-centered Spirituality

  Is Continuing Creation a Spiritual Path?  Yes and no. The word “spiritual” has different meanings to different people.  Conventional or Traditional Spirituality Most people feel that spiritual only relates to things that are supernatural and incorporeal. These include phenomena that are part of conventional religions — God, saints, ghosts, angels, religious rituals like the […]

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On the Business of Life

The Business of Life –Wisdom from the Tao Te Ching, Chapter 63 Act without strife;work without effort. Think of the small as largeand the few as manyConfront the difficultwhile it is still easy;accomplish the great taskby a series of small acts. The Master never reaches for the great;thus she achieves greatness.When she runs into a difficulty,she […]

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Can Atheists Be Spiritual?

  Can atheists be spiritual?  Yes, I surely think so.  My brother and I have been vocal atheistic agnostics since we quit going to Sunday school in our young teens.  My brother is an avid mountaineer and I’ve seen his eyes fill with tears as he contemplates a high blue lake in the Rockies.  He […]

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What Are Creation’s PROCESSES ?

I follow a Spiritual Program called Continuing Creation that is based on Nature, Reason, and Science, without any myths or miracle stories.   Continuing Creation is made up of Interlocking Processes.  One of the most important Processes is Evolution.  What are Sub-Processes that comprise Evolution?  Well, below is a list (not in any particular order) […]

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The Many Names for God

There are many names for “God.” Many are almost as old as humanity itself, pre-historical names now long forgotten. Note: The word “God” likely derives from pre-German words meaning “pour” or “pour out.” The word pour is a lot like a word we use in our Book, flow.  At the end of this blog post, […]

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Humans Are Not So Special

Humans are not as special as we once thought.  Until about 1960, people living in the Judeo-Christian tradition believed they were the masters of the Earth. Today, most of us realize that we are dependent on the interrelationships of nearly all plants and animals to sustain the biosphere that keeps us humans alive.  For practitioners […]

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Daydreaming vs. Meditation

                Daydreaming about Waltzing in Old Vienna  Meditation usually involves discipline.  For example, in a Breath Meditation we concentrate on our breaths.  If our mind wanders to something else, we are instructed to gently bring it back to our breathing.  In a Meditation of Contemplation, we focus our […]

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Primal Reverence

“Perhaps for you it is the stars at night, somewhere beyond the reach of our puny, interfering city lights, the whole sky filled with uncountable rays originating from trillions of light-years away… Or perhaps your taste runs to the deep forest, or the towering redwoods… or the suspense and drama of a thunderstorm… or even […]

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