About the Song, “Blue Boat Home”
     — by Peter Mayer*

Though below me, I feel no motion
Standing on these mountains and plains
Far away from the rolling ocean
Still my dry land heart can say
I’ve been sailing all my life now
Never harbor or port have I known
The wide universe is the ocean I travel
And the Earth is my blue boat home

Sun my sail and moon my rudder
As I ply the starry sea,
Leaning over the edge in wonder,
Casting questions into the deep.
Drifting here with my ship’s companions,
All we kindred pilgrim souls,
Making our way by the lights of the heavens
In our beautiful blue boat home

I give thanks to the waves upholding me
Hail the great winds urging me on,
Greet the infinite sea before me,
Sing the sky my sailor’s song:
I was born upon the fathoms,
Never harbor or port have I known.
The wide universe is the ocean I travel,
And the Earth is my blue boat home.

*”Blue Boat Home” is a popular hymn sung in Unitarian Universalist Congregations, worldwide.
You can see and hear Blue Boat Home performed online on YouTube, at “Peter Mayer’s Blue Boat Home.”

Blue Boat Home also poetically celebrates the Earth-centered Virtues of Continuing Creation.

Peter Mayer’s Online Biography:

“Minnesota’s Peter Mayer has been singing and songwriting full-time for over 20 years, performing in venues across the United States and beyond. He writes songs for a small planet–songs about interconnectedness and the human journey–songs about life on earth and the mysterious and wondrous fact of our existence. He also writes songs about dress hats, pumpkins and pajamas, and other important stuff. His music has been performed by artists like Kathy Mattea, David Wilcox, Claudia Schmidt, Anne Hills, Priscilla Herdman, Darryl Purpose, Billy Jonas, and Ronny Cox, to name a few. His work has been included in song books, church hymnals, and folk radio playlists across the country. He is the recipient of fellowships from both the McKnight and the Bush foundations. Peter has eleven albums to his credit; and has sold over 100,000 of them. He lives in Stillwater, Minnesota with his wife and two daughters.”