Three Ways to Find Life’s Purpose & Meaning — In Nature, Science, & History

The First Way is to experience Nature directly, by sitting next to a babbling brook, watching fireflies at night, climbing mountains. Piloting a small airplane is a direct experience of flying.  

The Second Way is by learning how the Processes and Principles of Complexity and Evolution are common to all living things, whole eco-systems, culture, and to technologies. Look for my free Essay on the web called, The Processes of Evolution and Their Meaning.

The Third Way is to participate in the Processes of Continuing Creation – by raising plants, raising children, building an airplane, improving a technology, making art, teaching the young, laying a stone wall.  In 2022, the most popular videogame in the world was Minecraft, which does not involve shooting or blowing things up, but rather enables players to build and create things within the game. Players can craft tools, build earthworks, and erect structures.