“Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul; and observe how all things have reference to one perception, the perception of this one living being; and how all things act with one movement; and how all things are the cooperating causes of all things which exist; observe too the continuous spinning of the thread and the contexture of the web.”

– Marcus Aurelius, (Emperor of Rome, 161-180 AD), Meditations IV, 40.

Introduction to The Book of Continuing Creation

This 5-page age Essay introduces The Book of Continuing Creation:  A Spiritual Path Based on Nature & Science.

We also refer to the Process of Continuing Creation as The Growing> Organizing> Direction> of the Cosmos, or G>O>D>.

The Book of Continuing Creation is a collection of related Essays.  Many of the Essays have been posted up to our website, www.continuingcreation.org, with others to go up over the coming weeks and months.  All the Essays can be read independently of each other.  However, this very short Introduction, along with the 27-page Overview Essay, should be read first.

By traveling a “Spiritual Path,” we mean cultivating a deep intellectual and emotional connection with, and positive participation in, the ongoing creativity of the universe.

The Spiritual Path of Continuing Creation is not related to Christian Creationism, or to Spiritualism, Scientology, or Christian Science.  (There are forerunners to our Spiritual Path, including Process Theology, Deism, Taoism, and Nature-based paths.  We mention them later in this Overview, and we also devote a separate Essay to them.)


In earlier times, G>O>D> has been called many names – God, The Way, The Light, The One, The Word, and the “Ground of All Being.”  For us, “God” is updated to the acronym “G>O>D> — The Growing>Organizing>Direction> of Continuing Creation.”

On Earth, Continuing Creation is powered by our sun shining down light and heat.  This flow-through of energy powers the formation of our geology and atmosphere, and the construction of plant life.  Animal life evolves from plant life, and plant life becomes the fuel for animal life.  In the human animal, the energy from our food creates consciousness, thought, culture, science, and technology.

All this Creation happens through the interlocking Principles and Processes of G>O>D>, including differentiation-through-combination, energy throughput, natural selection, phase change, feedback loops, catalysis, emergence, change-through-error, chain reactions, and far-from-equilibrium systems.  Using clear language, we will explain each of these processes in this Book.

By traveling a “Spiritual Path,” we mean cultivating a deep intellectual and emotional connection with, and positive participation in, the ongoing creativity of the universe.

For humans, Continuous Creation includes wondering, reflecting, questioning, thinking, researching, exploring, discovering, learning, planning, inventing, designing, building, writing, composing, organizing, improving, teaching, and inspiring.

The primary texts of the world’s great religions contain much wisdom, but they also recount myths which did not take place and are not literally true. Those myths were written ages ago, when men and women had little knowledge of the Universe.  Newer religions (or spiritual paths) such as New Age and Scientology also betray an immense lack of scientific knowledge among people today.

The sacred books of the Old Desert Religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, portray G>O>D> in human terms – as an all-powerful individual, male, who intervenes directly in individual human lives.  This is an anthropomorphic projection of human characteristics onto G>O>D>, and it is untrue.

While there is no “one book of ultimate meaning,” there are many books of great meaning. There will be many more, and they are all connected.  None of them were written by an anthropomorphic God; all of them were written by men and women.  And all of them contain errors great and small.  While this Book of Continuing Creation is the guiding text for our Spiritual Path; it is surely not the only thing that Travelers on the Way of Continuing Creation should read.

Religious fundamentalists say God must exist because soldiers severely wounded soldiers battle call out to God.  Well, no, most of them call out to their mothers.  But even atheists might call out to God when they are in extremis, because then the mind reverts to its primitive hunter-gatherer foundation – where we personify everything around us.

Today, in year 2020 of the Common Era, people who desperately cling to the old myths and old conceptions of G>O>D> as “God” are killing each other: Muslim versus Christian and Jew; Catholic versus Protestant.  The escalating violence of their conflict threatens to overwhelm the world and usher in a new dark age.

It is time for a new religion — or better said, a New Spiritual Path — to reform, modernize, fulfill, and transcend the Old Religions.

Religions have been transformed many times in the past.  Some of these attempts have been more successful than others.  Christianity grew out of and modernized Judaism.  Protestant Christianity grew out of and modernized Catholicism.  Buddhism grew out of and modernized Hinduism.  Zen Buddhism grew out of Indian and Chinese Buddhism.  Islam grew out of the tribal religions of the Middle East — Judaism & Christianity.  Now is the time for another transformation.

Our true challenge today is not only to live with other humans on Earth, but also to live in harmony with the Earth itself.

The Way of Continuing Creation; The Way of G>O>D>

The Way of G>O>D> has inspired this Guide Book to set forth the New Spirituality that will dispel sectarian and ecological conflicts and heal the wounds they cause.

In the Old Desert Religions, God is a person-like super-being.

Today, we know Continuing Creation is process.

In Old Desert Religions, God stands outside us.

Today, we know G>O>D> is woven into our very DNA, and into all the systems – geologic, biological, ecological, cultural, and technological – that are within us and around us.

In Old Desert Religions, God intervenes to reward or punishes individual humans.

Today, we know that Continuing Creation does not intentionally intervene in individual human lives.

The New Spirituality of Continuing Creation is fully consistent with modern science and with historical fact.  In other words, it is as true as our present knowledge can make it.  It calls us to a high morality that is informed by human tradition.  It is suffused with energy and love — love being a deep and abiding interest in and care for some person, creature, thing, activity, or system.

G>O>D> is not just the process of evolution, but also the laws of complexity, physics and mathematics that underlie the universe.

Other names for Continuing Creation include:  The Growing>Organizing>Direction of the Cosmos, The Flow, The Force, The Ultimate Interconnection, The Great Entwining, The Creating, Continuous Creation, The Grand Evolutionary Process, Cosmic Evolution, The Whole of All Wholes, The Progression, and The Way.

We will use these terms interchangeably:  The Book of Continuing Creation, the Path of G>O>D>, the Power of Continuing Creation, the Progress of G>O>D>, the Program of Continuing Creation, the Process of G>O>D>, the Way of Continuing Creation, the Practice of G>O>D>, and others.

All of these names are possible translations of the phrase, “The Tao Te Ch’ing” (literally, “The Way and its Power”) — the title that the ancient Chinese Sage Lao Tzu gave to his small yet immortal book of wisdom.

We people who follow the Path of Continuing Creation are known as Followers of…Explorers of …Navigators of… Masons of… Weavers of… Gardeners of… Cultivators of… Architects of… Followers of… Practitioners of… and Partners in: Continuing Creation and in G>O>D>.  And we are known by many additional names.

This Book of G>O>D> is about more than just Spirituality.  It includes morality and how to live a virtuous and a happy life.  In action, our Higher Power, G>O>D>, calls for “Doing the Next Right Thing,” or acting with Virtue — a Greco-Roman concept from the Stoic Philosophers.

If G>O>D> Could Speak As a Person, What Might It Say?

Continuing Creation does not speak to humankind.  But if we imagine, for a moment, that G>O>D> has a conscious mind, has a voice, and knows the English language, then Continuing Creation would speak to humankind as follows:

“I am the One of Many Parts
We are the Parts of the One;
I am the One that creates the Many
We are the Many that creates the One.

“I and We are G>O>D> — The Growing>Organizing>Direction of the Cosmos.
We are, and I am, the Process of Continuing Creation.

“I and We Create Wholes that are greater than the sum of their parts.

“We are the evolving Whole-of-All-Wholes
And each day we create a greater Whole-of-All-Wholes for tomorrow.

“I am The Continuing Creation.“
We are the on-going process that involves everything and everyone.

“When the nuclear fires of stars create the heavier elements out of hydrogen,
That is The Continuing Creating; that is the Growing>Organizing>Direction of the Cosmos.

“When Evolution created the elephant out of ancestors of the Mastodon,
“That was Continuing Creation.
“When Americans built the Golden Gate Bridge, that was Continuing Creation.
“We are all of these….. and more.

“We have evolved Wholes over time and We are evolving them still.
Quarks combine to make atoms; atoms combine to make molecules;
Molecules make compounds; compounds make single-cell organisms;
Single-cell organisms join to make complex plants and animals;
Complex animals join to make to societies (bees, elephants, humans);
Human societies create art, language, science, and technology.

“We ‘speak’ to you through centuries of learning,
But We speak to you through the imperfect minds of writers.
The Book of G>O>D> should have many revisions,
So that it may be kept consistent with science, reason, and historical fact.

“In earlier times I have also been called many other names, including
The Way, The Light, The One, The Tao, and the Ground of All Being.
But none of those older traditions adequately describes the Growing>Organizing>Direction> of the Cosmos.

“In the Old Abrahamic Religions of the Desert, We were called “God.”
But the God of the Old Desert religions is a mythical, anthropomorphic approximation of the Growing>Organizing>Direction of the Cosmos.

“Today, in the Year of The Common Era 2021,
People of the Old Religions are killing each other
Over their outdated, unscientific, historically disproven beliefs.

“Mankind must cast aside the old religious fundamentalisms,
Including the literal interpretation of “sacred” books,
And adopt a New Spirituality consistent with modern science and knowledge.
Only then can conflict cease; only then can the Earth be saved.

“Mankind’s old conception of G>O>D> as “God” is outdated and no longer useful.
I am not like the magical, all-powerful super-person of God.
I do not see nor hear – except as my individual parts see and hear.
I do not interfere in the individual lives of my human parts; But these parts interact with each other.

“You cannot talk directly to G>O>D>,
But you can talk to each other about G>O>D>.
We cannot intervene on your personal behalf,
But We can be of great help to you if you align yourself with our principles.
The greater your participation, the more your life can be enriched by G>O>D.
We are not all-powerful — but We are very powerful, and very durable.

“I did not create the Earth in seven days –
That is a primitive myth disproved by cosmic, geologic, and biologic evolution.
No, I am Creating still.

“Do not “worship” G>O>D>, for worship involves obeisance, and supplication.
Humankind should not bow to something of which it is a part;
No more than one human should bow to any other human;
No more than the moon should bow to the rainbow;
Or the left knee should kneel before the right knee.

“Instead of worship, Celebrate the Process of Continuing Creation.
And the best Celebration is our positive, active Participation in the Creating.

“Live a Moral, Virtuous, Creative, and Fulfilled life.
Align your spirit, thought, and behavior with the Continuing Creation of G>O>D>.”

“Human beings are not the ‘Children of God,’
You are the Creative Agents of G>O>D>.”