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Nature’s Path of Continuing Creation:
Finding Life’s Purpose & Meaning in Nature, Science, & History
> Emergence, Evolution, Innovation, & Complexity
> Ethics, Practices, & Meditations
> Evaluations of Major Religions

“Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul; and observe how all things have reference to one perception, the perception of this one living being; and how all things act with one movement; and how all things are the cooperating causes of all things which exist; observe too the continuous spinning of the thread and the contexture of the web.   – Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome 161-180 AD, Author of Meditations IV, 40.

“The Purpose of each capable Human Life is to Create. To Create includes to Discover, Invent, Heal, Design, Engineer, Build, Communicate, Cooperate, Love, Restore, Learn, Teach, Raise Children, Appreciate Beauty, Seek Truth, Create Art, Protect the Vulnerable, Make Peace, and Sustain the Earth.”  — J.X. Mason

Introduction to Nature’s Path of Continuing Creation

> This book, Nature’s Path of Continuing Creation, is opposed to biblical, fundamentalist “creationism.”
> The biblical fundamentalists do not hold a copyright on our term, “Nature’s Continuing Creation,” which encompasses ongoing evolution in culture, science, and technology.
> This book is not related to “Spiritualism,” “Scientology, or “Christian Science.” 
> Everything here is free to all readers. We carry no ads. We ask for no contributions.
> Our Essays can be thought of as Chapters in our book.
> Most of our Essays can be read independently.
> This book was written between 2015 and 2025. Your author, J.X. Mason, did not make any use of Artificial Intelligence, e.g.,Chat GPT.”  
> All the Essays and Journal Entries in this book are FREE, and they carry no advertising.    

This three-page age Essay introduces The Path of Nature’s Continuing Creation: Finding Life’s Purpose & Meaning — In Nature, Science, and History.

We also refer to The Path of Nature’s Continuing Creation in the shortened form, “Continuing Creation.”  We sometimes call it The Growing, Organizing, Direction of the Cosmos (G.O.D.) or The Interlocking Processes of Continuing Creation.

Still other names for Nature’s Path of Continuing Creation include: The Creative Flow of the Universe, The Flow, The Force, The One, The Whole of All Wholes, The Progression, The Sum of All Systems, Gaia, Our Path, Our Practice, Our Way, Continuing Natural Creation, Nature’s Continuing Creation, The Path of Purpose & Progress, and even the abbreviations “NPCC” and NCC”  We sometimes say that Nature’s Continuing Creation “Grows in the Direction of Organized Complexity.”

All these names are possible translations of the phrase, “The Tao Te Ching(literally, “The Way and its Power”), which is the title that the ancient Chinese Sage Lao Tzu gave to his small yet immortal book of wisdom which is the foundational text of Taoism.  (See our full-length Essay, Evaluating Taoism and Zen.)

This book is a collection of related Essays.  Thirty-four Essays have been posted up to our website,, with a few others to go up over the coming weeks and months.  All the Essays can be read independently of each other.  However, this very short Introduction, along with the 27-page Overview Essay, should be read first. 

Note: This website also contains all of J.X Mason’s one page Blog Posts. New Blog Posts come out weekly, and you can subscribe to them by clicking the dark green button in the right-hand margin of each page. 

By traveling a “A Path of Purpose & Meaning,” we mean cultivating a deep intellectual and emotional connection with, and positive active participation in, the ongoing creativity of the universe.

The Purpose of Our Lives Is to Create!  “To Create” includes to Discover, Invent, Heal, Design, Engineer, Build, Communicate, Cooperate, Love, Restore, Learn, Teach, Raise Children, Appreciate Beauty, Seek Truth & Justice, Create Art, Protect the Vulnerable, Make Peace, and Sustain the Earth.

The Book of Continuing Creation’s Path provides its Practitioners with energy, inspiration, positivity, motivation, appreciation, ethics, cooperation and caring — all of which should add up to Personal Fulfillment.

Some people might call our Path a “Spiritual” Path, but the word “spiritual” attaches to supernatural things such religion, gods, ghosts, and angels.  (Wikipedia actually has two related articles – one for Spirituality and one for Secular Spirituality.) If anything, in our book we’re talking about “Nature-and-Science based Spirituality:” it is secular, but not always man-made (because many natural processes are made by Nature itself, e.g., by physics, chemistry, and biology.  

There are Forerunners to our Spiritual Practice, including Process Theology, Deism, Taoism, and Nature-based paths. We mention them in our Overview, and we also devote a separate Essay to each of them.

If readers seek a longer synopsis of this book about Nature’s Continuing Creation, read our more fulsome 27-page Overview Essay, which has links to topics in the entire book.

The fundamental process of Nature’s Continuing Creation is this: When a steady flow of energy encounters a receptive environment, it can weave patterns and create systems of increasing Complexity.  Over time, the systems that survive may grow and elaborate themselves by means of the Processes of Evolution.  (See Duke University Professor Adrian Bejan’s Constructal Law.)

Within Continuing Natural Creation, the Science of Evolution is the most important of all the sciences.  Not because it is the most fundamental (physics and chemistry are more fundamental), but because humans so clearly experience and participate in Evolution — biological, cultural, and technological evolution. 

We define “Evolution” very broadly: Evolution is any process or system (astrophysical, geological, biological, cultural, or technological) that combines parts to form new and different “wholes” that can survive effectively and efficiently in their environments.  Such wholes are significantly different that the sum of their parts. (For example, an ant colony is significantly different than jar full of ants; a language is significantly different than a list of all its words.) 

On Earth, Continuing Creation is powered by our sun shining down light and heat, and from the heat of its own molten magma core. This flow-through of energy powers the formation of our geology and atmosphere and the construction of plant life. Plant life and animal life evolved from a common single-celled ancestor.  Today, plant life supplies food and oxygen for animal life. In the human animal, the energy from “burning” the food in our cells creates consciousness, thought, culture, science, and technology.

Nature’s Continuing Creation aims to be consistent with modern science and historical fact. NCC is not just the process of evolution, but all the processes of physics, geology, chemistry, biology, and the social sciences that underlie the universe and life.

All of Natural Creation, past and present, happens through the interlocking Principles and Processes that make up the Growing, Organizing, Direction of the Cosmos, including: energy throughput, differentiation-through-combination, complexity, emergence, evolution, natural selection, phase change, feedback loops, catalysis, emergence, change-through-error, chain reactions, and far-from-equilibrium systems. Using clear language, we will explain each of these and other Processes in this Book.

The purpose of each human life is to create. To Create includes building positive and constructive relationships with our loved ones, neighbors, and co-workers. Creating also include discovering, exploring, learning, preserving, teaching, wondering, reflecting, questioning, thinking, researching, exploring, discovering, learning, planning, inventing, designing, building, writing, composing, organizing, improving, weaving, teaching, growing, inspiring, communicating, caring, and loving.

People who follow Our Path of Continuing Creation are known as Co-Creators in… Followers of… Explorers of… Navigators in… Masons of… Weavers in… Gardeners of… Cultivators of… Architects of… Practitioners of… Partners in… Agents of… Nature’s Continuing Creation.

The primary texts of the world’s great religions contain much wisdom, but they also recount myths which did not take place and are not literally true. Those myths were written ages ago when men and women had little knowledge of the Universe.  Newer spiritual paths such as New Age and Scientology also demonstrate a lack of scientific knowledge. (See our Essay, Modern Cults & Unusual Spiritual Paths.)

The sacred books of the Old Desert Religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — portray Continuing Creation in human terms – as an all-powerful individual God who intervenes directly in individual human lives. This is an anthropomorphic projection of human characteristics onto Nature’s Continuing Creation, and it is only metaphorically true.

Today, in the twenty-first century, people who cling to the old myths and old conceptions of Continuing Creation as “God” are killing each other over their outdated, unscientific beliefs; and over their desire for disputed land. Muslim versus Christian and Jew; Catholic versus Protestant; Sunni Muslims versus Shia Muslims.  Religious violence repeatedly threatens to overwhelm the world and usher in a new dark age. (See our individual Essays on Taoism & Zen, on Hinduism, on Buddhism, on Evaluating Jesus’ Teaching, on Early Christianity to 312 A.D., on Medieval Roman Catholicism, and on Islam.

In the Old Desert Religions, God is a person-like super-being. Today, we know Continuing Creation is network of interlocking Natural Processes.

In the Old Desert Religions, God stood outside us. Today, we know that Continuing Creation is woven into our very DNA, and into all the systems – geologic, biological, ecological, cultural, and technological – that are within us and around us.

In the Old Desert Religions, God intervenes to reward or punish individual humans. Today, we know that Continuing Creation does not intentionally intervene in individual human lives.

Mankind must cast aside the old religious fundamentalisms, particularly the literal interpretation of “sacred” books, and adopt a New Spirituality consistent with Nature, Science, and History. Only then can religious conflict cease.

Religions have been transformed many times in the past.  Protestant Christianity grew out of Catholicism. Buddhism grew out of Hinduism. Now is the time for another transformation.

Nature’s Continuing Creation calls us to a high morality that is informed by human tradition. It includes both energy and love; love being a deep and abiding interest in and care for some person, creature, thing, activity, or system.

This Book of Continuing Creation includes Essays on morality, ethics, virtue, and the art of living a full and satisfying life.  In action, our Higher Power calls for “Doing the Next Right Thing,” and acting with Virtue — a Greco-Roman concept from the Stoic Philosophers.


Continuing Creation in Short Stanzas

Nature’s Continuing Creation is The Growing, Organizing, Direction of the Cosmos.

Nature’s Continuing Creation involves everything and everyone.
It Create Wholes that are greater than the sum of their parts, and
Each day It creates new and greater Wholes for tomorrow.

When the nuclear fires of stars created complex elements out of hydrogen,
When the elephant evolved from ancestors of the mastodon,
When Americans built the Golden Gate Bridge and the latest super-computer,
All of those, and more, are Continuing Creation at work.

Quarks combine to make atoms; atoms combine to make molecules.
Molecules make compounds; compounds make single-cell organisms.
Single-cell organisms join to make complex plants and animals.
Complex animals join to make to societies (bees, elephants, humans).
Human societies create art, language, science, and technology.

Nature’s Continuing Creation ‘speaks’ to us through centuries of human learning,
But that accumulated knowledge remains imperfect.
Our book about Nature’s Continuing Creation should have many revisions,
So that it stays consistent with Nature, Science, & History.

In earlier spiritual traditions, God has been called many names, including:
The Way, The Light, The One, The Tao, and the Ground of All Being.

But lacking knowledge of science, none of those older traditions fully describes Continuing Natural Creation.

Mankind’s old conception of “God” is outdated and no longer useful.
Nature’s Continuing Creation is not a magical, all-powerful super-person of God.
It does not see nor hear; although many of its living creatures do see and hear.

Nature’s Continuing Creation does not interfere in the individual lives of our human parts, 
But these parts interact and cooperate with each other, magnifying their creating.

We humans cannot talk directly to Nature’s Continuing Creation,
But we can talk to each other about Nature’s Continuing Creation.

Continuing Natural Creation cannot intervene on our personal behalf,
But it can be of great help when we align ourselves with its constructive Flow.
The greater a person’s positive participation, the more one’s life can be enriched.
Nature’s Continuing Creation is not all-powerful — but it is very powerful, and very persistent.

We do not worship The Processes of Nature’s Continuing Creation,
For worship involves submission, obeisance, and supplication.
Humankind should not bow to something of which it is an important part,
No more than one human should bow to any other human.

Meditation is a vital practice for mental calm and spiritual growth,
But endless meditation in an attempt to reach “Nirvana” is escapism.

We humans must live in sustainable economies and sustainable ecologies.
Only then can Earth’s ecosystems and its creatures, including humans, be saved.

Instead of worship, we Celebrate Nature’s Continuing Creation!
And the best Celebration is our positive, active Participation in daily Natural Creating.

Participants in our Practice seek to live ethical, virtuous, creative, and fulfilled lives.
We align our spirit, thought, and behavior with Continuing Natural Creation.

We Human Beings are not “Children of God.” We are Agents of Nature’s Continuing Creation.