Continuing Creation uses the Spiral Pattern to construct galaxies, pinecones, shells, and staircases.

The Book of Continuing Creation presents a new Spiritual Path that is based on nature, reason, science, and factual history.  Miracles and myths are gone, except for the miracle of creation itself — simple parts joining together to emerge as new complex systems.

Our new spiritual Path leaves behind the acceptance of slavery and subjugation of women found in the sacred texts of the Old Desert Religions.  We hold no single text is be sacred or fully true, and we therefore eliminate the main cause of religious strife.

The purpose of our human lives is to contribute to Continuing Creation with the constructive involvement, while we protect the Earth and ensure human rights.   We undertake personal practices which lead to a moral, virtuous, fulfilled, and happy life.

Creatures, cultures, and technologies all evolve. Our Spiritual Path has itself evolved from forerunners including Taoism, Deism, Humanism, Transcendentalism, and Process Theology.  From science, we draw on the disciplines of Evolution, Systems Theory, Complexity, and others.  The Book of G>O>D> must always be updated as new knowledge and better reasoning come to light.

The Book of Continuing Creation is a Collection of Essays on Continuing Creation: The Growing>Organizing>Direction of the Cosmos.   The Author’s Blog talks informally about Essay subjects and current events.